Standout Students

We love celebrating our students’ successes. Please view our students who have completed graduation requirements early this year, Student of the Month, and Attendance All-Stars for this month.

Student of the Month

SCWS Student of the monthCourtney Talley is a senior from Greenville. She does a great job of communicating her concerns and reaching out to her teachers when needed. She does not give excuses and she works hard to reach her goals. She has set big goals for her life!

Courtney shared her drive and motivation with us. “I struggle since I am my own support system, yet it’s the drive of being self-sufficient and independent that makes me look forward to what I can be able to tackle in my future. I am very creative and love making what I imagine come to reality. What I do on my off time is plan my future, plan for future business ventures, improve my cosmetology and photography skills. I plan to use these skills to start my own business next year.”

“It is about more than statistics here.”, says Courtney. She feels special at SCWS and gives her school counselor much of the credit. “Mrs. Gilbert has a lot to do with my success because she is very supportive and helps to keep me going. Thanks to her and my teachers I was able to receive all A’s for the first time, had the opportunity to be enrolled in English honors, and be able to finish all my courses (required credits) by December.”

Courtney’s teachers say that she is an all-around stellar student. She’s been attending all of the senior meetings to be prepared for what is ahead. She is determined for a better future. Her hard work and conscientiousness is getting Courtney closer to her goals.

Past Winners

October 2018 – Ian Lupinek

September 2018 – Ashley McClellan

Attendance All-Stars

Congratulations to these awesome students who posted PERFECT attendance during the month of November. These “Attendance All-Stars” have earned a $25.00 check as an incentive for their dedication and hard work.

Remember, in order to receive perfect attendance you must log into EACH course at least FIVE days EACH week and submit at least ONE qualified post. Also, please remember you may make up missed days by logging in on Saturdays or Sundays and submitting qualified posts. This will help ensure you have perfect attendance each month!

Will you be one of our “Attendance All-Stars” next month?

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