We love celebrating our students’ successes. Please view our students who have completed graduation requirements early this year, Student of the Month, and Attendance All-Stars for this month.

Seniors who completed their graduation requirements before Winter Break

  • Loring Barr
  • Sunee Burr
  • Nicholas Goebel
  • Addison Fox
  • Lesly Reyes
  • Alexis Sabb
  • Dylan Vinson
  • Tara Ramey

Student of the Month

Our January Student of the Month is freshman Andrew Wise from Greer. Andrew is conscientious with his work. He pays attention to feedback and points out where he may have questions. His teachers report that he is respectful and works diligently, posting every day in each of his courses. Andrew has found that “School Your Way” is both fun and rewarding when giving 100%.


December 2017 – Sean Cowart

November 2017 – Jaden Bethea

October 2017 – Loring Barr

September 2017 – William Cardona

May 2017 – Tinsley Wilson

April 2017 – Jayla Pitts

March 2017 – Rilee Rhodes

February 2017 – Kennedy Hicks

January 2017 – A’Rion Rhodes

Attendance All-Stars

Congratulations to these awesome students who posted PERFECT attendance during the month of January. These “Attendance All-Stars” have earned a $25.00 check as an incentive for their dedication and hard work.

  • Kelly Alexander
  • Keller Anneaux
  • Eric Beaulieu
  • Reiko Berry
  • Sierra Brown
  • Jaxsen Byars
  • Emily Deason
  • Angel Deel
  • Emalyne Fox
  • Thomajah Freeman
  • Rebecca  Gregory
  • Charles Grimsley
  • Katrina  Holloman
  • Lana Huff
  • Celina Husbands
  • Michael Jackson
  • Heather Johnson
  • Madison Knaggs
  • Jeremy Levesque
  • Kevin Lopez
  • Rachel Loucks
  • Ashley McClellan
  • Markel McKnight
  • Meron Messinides
  • Kimberly Miller
  • William Miller
  • Mellizza Molina Dominguez
  • Brendan Newell
  • Jaylon Norman
  • Citlalli Pano  Hermenegildo
  • Suzy Perez
  • Jessica Powers
  • Hailley Riddle
  • Nicolas Rodgers
  • Juan Rodriguez
  • James Roets
  • Kaitlyn Roets
  • Brooklyn Russo
  • Mattea Salyer
  • Allysa Scarinzi
  • Emma Schimpf
  • Alexander Seidner
  • Alexander  Skiles
  • Ciara Smith
  • Nikolas Soriano
  • Abigail Stroud
  • Brielle Suttles
  • Theodore  Walton
  • Joshua Weaver
  • Faith Whittemore
  • Andrew Wise

Remember, in order to receive perfect attendance you must log into EACH course at least FIVE days EACH week and submit at least ONE qualified post. Also, please remember you may make up missed days by logging in on Saturdays or Sundays and submitting qualified posts. This will help ensure you have perfect attendance each month!

Will you be one of our “Attendance All-Stars” next month?


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