Alina’s Story

Alina was failing high school.  She was struggling with her classes and was uncomfortable in her school’s environment.  “High School was very difficult for me,” she said. “I made the wrong friends and didn’t want to sit and listen in class.”


She then found out about another option, virtual school.


She enrolled at SC Whitmore School. Suddenly, Alina found she could utilize her own learning style, work at her own pace, and learn in an environment of her choosing.  No longer was she left behind in a class.  No longer did she struggle with teen social drama.  She could focus on school, move at her own pace, and do it in an environment that was comfortable.


“It was like a miracle when I enrolled in SC Whitmore School,” Alina said. “I felt an immediate change in my attitude toward school work. I was even able to graduate early!”

Sometimes the traditional brick and mortar schools are not the best fit.  For students seeking another solution, virtual schooling offers many benefits.


Comfortable Learning Environment

  • Class can take place without distractions
  • Students can learn in an emotionally and physically safe environment


Self-Paced Education

  • With no semesters, students work at their own pace
  • Students have access to their courses 24/7, August-July (230 instructional days)


Mastery-Based Learning

  • Students work on each lesson until they fully understand each concept
  • Once each concept is masted, the student progresses to the next lesson


Teacher feedback

  • Students receive positive, consistent, and instructional feedback from their teachers
  • Teachers work one-to-one with all students


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Open enrollment means students can enroll at any time of the year. We have flexible schedules and no semesters.