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13 Students Graduate from SC Whitmore School in December of 2019

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Columbia, SC – SC Whitmore School, an online public high school based in Columbia, is excited to announce the graduation of 13 high school students in December of 2019.

Principal John Loveday said, “Ten seniors completed their graduation requirements six months early and are now high school graduates.”

SC Whitmore School continues to show when students are allowed the flexibility to complete school on their pace, with the correct resources and support structures in place, students are able to thrive and meet their academic goals.

“Just as important, we also had three students complete their graduation requirements beyond the traditional four-year path,” said Loveday. “These three students came to SCWS massively behind in credits and on the verge of giving up and dropping out of high school. With the help of our amazing teachers, school counselors, family, and friends our students were in a position to not give up, accomplish their goals, and develop a path of success for their future.”

“It’s incredible to witness firsthand the impact of SCWS, said Loveday. “As a product myself of South Carolina public schools, this is why I do what I do. The South Carolina Public Charter School District is redefining what is possible while providing high-quality public school choice to students all across our state.”

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Founded in 2011, SCWS practices a unique approach to education; it is a self-paced alternative online learning model allows students to advance through online courses at their own pace. This appeals to the entire spectrum of students. For quick learners who are ahead of their peers, this self-paced schedule allows students to graduate an entire academic year early. Over the course of the 2018-2019 school year, SCWS graduated more than 133 students. SCWS serves as an alternative approach to learning for those left behind in traditional classroom settings.

December 2019 Graduates:

  • Brice Curtis
  • Gavin Hudspith
  • Lana Huff
  • Ethan Kemeny
  • Paradise Lewis
  • Lily Martin
  • Mary McClary
  • Madison Peele
  • Parker Shaffer
  • Lauren Siniard
  • Patricia Smith
  • Bowen Turner
  • Adrienne Walsh
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