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SC Whitmore School Announces 2019-2020 Student of the Year

July 22, 2020

Student Highlights

Congratulations Keith Strub, a sophomore from Lexington, SC. Keith is our 2019- 2020 Student of the Year. This is Keith’s first year at SC Whitmore School (SCWS) and he has been a great student during his time here.

One of the reasons Keith chose to enroll at the SC Whitmore School was because he did not like the traditional schedule of brick and mortar school. The transition to SC Whitmore was seamless because Keith has taken online classes while attending his previous brick and mortar school.

Keith said, “My first year at SCWS has gone really well, I have earned a lot of credits towards graduation. I feel like the material that I am learning I retain better.”

Mrs. Carter, Keith’s science teacher, is seeing how hard he is working.

“He’s done a great job in Environmental Science,” said Mrs. Carter. Keith completed almost ten lessons just in the one month he was in the course before the end of the regular school year!”

At SC Whitmore Keith has encountered challenges with time management, but he has been able to stay on top of his school work and on schedule by using Google calendar.

His school counselor, Mrs. Gilbert, also sees how hard he is working.

“He earned 13 credits this year and is currently working on a full-credit course with Virtual SC,” said Mrs. Gilbert. “Seven of his credits were earned directly from SCWS courses since coming here in January. I love his determination and drive! I’m so proud of him!”

Keith plans to graduate early from SCWS.

“I am hoping this will be my final year,” said Keith. “I would then like to go to USC for architectural design.”

In his free time, Keith also loves to go fishing, play video games, read, and build 3D puzzles.

“Some advice I have for new students would be if you have questions ask, said Keith. “All of my teachers have been really great at answering questions, giving me feedback, and if I really didn’t get something they show me another example to break it down.”

Keith, we are very proud of all your accomplishments! Keep doing “School Your Way!”

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