Thousands of Students Served Since 2011

SC Whitmore School is a public school that has served thousands of students across South Carolina since 2011. SCWS is authorized by the SC Public Charter School District. All students in grades 9-12 must be under the age of 21, and they must reside in the state of South Carolina, in order to attend SCWS.

Our Vision

To inspire innovation and create opportunities for students beyond high school through the power of online learning.

Our Mission

To provide a high-quality education to students across South Carolina and graduate self-sufficient learners who excel at using technology to further their understanding of the world.

Our History

Back in 2008 a group of South Carolina parents, business owners, and community leaders were inspired to open an innovative school that would shake up the educational landscape in the Palmetto State. This school would not only be designed as an online school, but would also be equipped with a personalized learning platform. This school would provide “School Your Way” to students across South Carolina, regardless of their zip code. “School Your Way” would allow students to enroll in courses anytime of the year, progress through those courses at their own pace, and even graduate high school early, if they chose to do so. This school became known as South Carolina (SC) Whitmore School.

The concept of this new school was well received. With much enthusiasm, SC Whitmore School was granted a charter in 2010 by the South Carolina Public Charter School District, and was opened one year later in 2011. Since 2011, hundreds of students across South Carolina have experienced “School Your Way” at SC Whitmore School. We are proud to say we were founded by local parents, business owners, and community leaders who believed in the power of online education and personalized learning.

Who is a good fit?

SC Whitmore School is a great fit for many students.  Perhaps you are an accelerated student and wish to graduate early, or you need more time to find academic success.  Perhaps you need a flexible school schedule to chase other dreams.  Being an online school, SC Whitmore School can offer a unique learning environment for our students.

Have questions?

Please feel free to fill out this contact form or reach us by phone at (866) 476-6416.

Together We Achieve

Let us introduce you to the SC Whitmore School Advantage and help you reimagine your journey.