SCWS has served thousands of South Carolina students since 2011.


Back in 2008 a South Carolina parent named Ellen Ray had a daughter, named Alina, who was struggling to meet her potential at her local brick and mortar high school. Ellen knew her daughter was capable and smart. However, in order to meet her potential she needed to find a school that was a better fit for her learning style and life circumstances. Alina enrolled in a mastery-based virtual school and regained her confidence. Alina experienced “School Your Way” where she began courses anytime of the year, progressed through those courses at a pace she was comfortable with – but not until she demonstrated mastery of each lesson in each course. Mastery-based learning isn’t about short term memorization and multiple choices exams, it is about an authentic personalized learning experience that builds self-confidence in all students that are willing to take ownership of their education.

Alina eventually graduated with honors in 2009. From there, Ellen was inspired to open a mastery-based virtual high school, so that all South Carolina students could have the same opportunity as Alina. SC Whitmore School was granted a charter in 2010 by the South Carolina Public Charter School District and was opened in 2011. Since 2011 hundreds of students across South Carolina have experienced “School Your Way” at SC Whitmore School. We are proud to say we were founded by a parent, who experienced firsthand the benefits of virtual education.

Who is a good fit?

SC Whitmore School is a great fit for many students.  Perhaps you are an accelerated student and wish to graduate early, or you need more time to find academic success.  Perhaps you need a flexible school schedule to chase other dreams.  Being a virtual school, SC Whitmore School can offer a unique learning environment for our students.

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You can enroll at any time of the year. We have flexible schedules, no semesters, and an extended school year.

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