Graduation Requirements

SC Whitmore School provides a fully accredited curriculum, powered by CompuHigh, which meets South Carolina standards. Credits earned from your former high school will transfer to SC Whitmore School. Your guidance counselor will work closely with you to set up your personal graduation plan and help you stay on track for graduation.

Other Sciences2.0
Social Studies
U.S. Government0.5
US History & Constitution1.0
Other Social Studies1.0
Physical Education1.0
Foreign Language* or Career & Technology1.0
Computer Science1.0
Total Credits for Graduation24.0
* SC Whitmore School requires only one (1) Foreign Language or Career Technology credit to earn a high school diploma per the state of South Carolina. Four-year colleges may require two (2) consecutive years of the same language or more and also may require three (3) lab sciences for admittance.

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