Standout Students

We love celebrating our students’ successes. Please view our students who have completed graduation requirements early this year, Student of the Month, and Attendance All-Stars for this month.

Student of the Month

Teenage brother and sister smiling at the cameraCongratulations to Saint Hadwin, a freshman from Chapin, SC. Saint has made a tremendous first impression on all of us at SCWS and is our February Student of the Month! He is working at a great pace and not simply learning his course lessons. He seeks to understand on a deeper level. With aspirations of becoming a mechanical engineer or working in the medical field, he knows that hard work and determination are necessary. “He submits thoughtful posts, is working to teach himself the concepts, uses my feedback to fully revise work, and shows connections in content and on lab reports that gives clear evidence of his learning,” says science teacher, Mr. Carter.

Saint likes to run long distances, lift weights, swim and fish with his grandad. He also competes in triathlons with his dad, sister, and brother. “I like traveling. My favorite place has been Canada. I am not really a fan of school but I like SCWS because I can focus on getting my work done when it fits into my schedule and then have time to run and workout. Being at SCWS helps me figure out how to do everything I need to and have time for things I like.”

He hopes to go to school out west and continue to run cross country in college. “I think I’d like to work at BMW, be a physical therapist, or radiologist once I get done with college.”

Saint, we are proud of how conscientious and motivated you are. Keep doing School Your Way and reaching for your dreams!

Past Winners

January 2019 – Kristin Smith

December 2018 – Annika Patrick

November 2018 – Courtney Talley

October 2018 – Ian Lupinek

September 2018 – Ashley McClellan

Attendance All-Stars

Congratulations to these awesome students who posted PERFECT attendance during the month of February. These “Attendance All-Stars” have earned a $25.00 check as an incentive for their dedication and hard work.

Remember, in order to receive perfect attendance you must log into EACH course at least FIVE days EACH week and submit at least ONE qualified post. Also, please remember you may make up missed days by logging in on Saturdays or Sundays and submitting qualified posts. This will help ensure you have perfect attendance each month!

Will you be one of our “Attendance All-Stars” next month?

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