Standout Students

We love celebrating our students’ successes. Please view our students who have completed graduation requirements early this year, Student of the Month, and Attendance All-Stars for this month.

Student of the Month

Xelia Johnson

Summerville, SC

Congratulations Xelia Johnson, a sophomore from Summerville, SC. Xelia is our February Student of the Month. This is Xelia’s first year at SC Whitmore School and she has been a fabulous student during her time here.

One of the reasons Xelia chose to enroll at the SC Whitmore School was because she wanted to get ahead in school.

Xelia said, “It’s been a really good experience. I really like the school. It took me a little bit to get used to doing online school.”

Xelia’s science teacher, Mrs. Havens, is seeing all of her hard work.

“She makes me videos to show the meticulous notes that she takes,” said Havens. “I can tell she really spends the time to learn the material and then use the notes for the work. She follows through to post the lesson assignment and responds to my feedback in a timely manner.”

Xelia has been able to stay on top of her school work by being organized and focused.

To ensure she is on track with her work Xelia said, “I use a calendar and reminders to help me.”

Her Entrepreneurship teacher, Mrs. Munyon, also sees how hard she is working.

“She was very thorough with her work and always asked questions to double check for understanding,” said Munyon. “She would make revisions and update assignments if she figured something out after the fact, even if she already had a 10. She definitely goes above and beyond expectations.”

Xelia plans to graduate with honors and own a successful business.

Xelia recommends that new students at SCWS don’t give up and do your work on time.

Xelia, we are very proud of all your accomplishments! Keep doing “School Your Way!”

Past Winners

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Attendance All-Stars

Congratulations to these awesome students who posted PERFECT attendance during the month of February. These “Attendance All-Stars” have earned a $25.00 check as an incentive for their dedication and hard work.

  • Willow Baker
  • Jonathan Bragg
  • Christopher Campbell
  • Elena Cisneros
  • Alyssa Collins
  • Leah Flowers
  • Avery Fun
  • Silas Godfrey
  • Kailey Hall
  • Abigail Henry
  • Jason Kuntz Jr
  • Trent Lewis
  • Ilyssa Lieberman
  • Ellen Lindler
  • Ian Lupinek
  • Sabrina McKinney
  • Olivia Medeiros
  • Julia Olson
  • Savanna Renteria
  • Jacob Scarborough
  • Deven Soriano
  • Donovan Soriano
  • Emmalee Stone
  • Keith Strub
  • Emanuele Talford
  • Christian Taylor
  • Corey Thacher
  • Gabriella Ventura
  • Robert Walters

Remember, in order to receive perfect attendance you must log into EACH course at least FIVE days EACH week and submit at least ONE qualified post. Also, please remember you may make up missed days by logging in on Saturdays or Sundays and submitting qualified posts. This will help ensure you have perfect attendance each month!

Will you be one of our “Attendance All-Stars” next month?

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