Standout Students

We love celebrating our students’ successes. Please view our students who have completed graduation requirements early this year, Student of the Month, and Attendance All-Stars for this month.

Students of the Year

Andrew Wise9th grade Student of the Year – Andrew Wise

Andrew is a very dedicated learner. He tries very hard on of his lessons and consistently produces great work. Andrew is very respectful towards all of his teachers which they appreciate very much. He is self-motivated and takes great ownership of his role as an online learner. Andrew has been nominated Student of the Month several times and has also been named an “Attendance All-Star” for having such great attendance. He’s been able to juggle a full load of courses all year while maintaining a cumulative grade point average over 4.0.

Emma Schimpf10th grade Student of the Year – Emma Schimpf

Emma is a great independent learner who also takes ownership of her education. She works very hard and is conscientious about her work. Emma has completed 9 classes already and has maintained a GPA over 4.0. Emma was also nominated for SCWS Student of the Month several times and recognized as an “Attendance All-Star” for her perfect attendance. Emma manages her time well between school, family, and golfing every day.

William Cardona11th grade Student of the Year – William Cardona

William is an amazing student. He’s very engaged and works hard to achieve mastery. He submits work regularly and it’s always of the highest quality. William trains for soccer out of the country and still manages to keep up with his school work in a timely manner. William continues to maintain a GPA over 4.0 and has been recognized as an Attendance All-Star for his perfect attendance several times. He was also our September Student of the Month.

Shikuro Messinides12th grade Student of the Year – Meron “Shikuro” Messinides

Shikuro is a determined, self-motivated learner. She goes above and beyond what’s required in each course. She produces exceptional work in all of her courses and she demonstrates a keen insight into every concept taught. Shikuro has been recognized as an “Attendance All-Star” for perfect attendance several months in a row. She’s also been named Student of the Month for exemplifying great character, dedication, determination, and respect. Shikuro will be graduating one year early this year while maintaining a cumulative grade point average over 4.0.

Student of the Month

SCWS May Student of the MonthCongratulations to SCWS early graduate, Hailey Wilkerson of Rock Hill. Hailey is our May Student of the Month. Hailey came to SCWS in the fall, the start of her junior year, to have the flexibility to work at her own pace. In the spring, she decided she wanted to graduate early and would finish her course credits in time to attend graduation in June. She set the goal, showed determination, put in the time, and graduated June 3, 2018 at our graduation ceremony. Hailey plans to go to York Technical College, then transfer to USC Upstate. She wants to pursue a degree in English Literature. Hailey is a great example of a student who chooses School Your Way for working ahead.

April 2018 – Kai Rutland

March 2018 – Michael Hand

February 2018 – Shikuro Messinides

January 2018 – Andrew Wise

December 2017 – Sean Cowart

November 2017 – Jaden Bethea

October 2017 – Loring Barr

September 2017 – William Cardona

Attendance All-Stars

Congratulations to these awesome students who posted PERFECT attendance during the month of August. These “Attendance All-Stars” have earned a $25.00 check as an incentive for their dedication and hard work.

Remember, in order to receive perfect attendance you must log into EACH course at least FIVE days EACH week and submit at least ONE qualified post. Also, please remember you may make up missed days by logging in on Saturdays or Sundays and submitting qualified posts. This will help ensure you have perfect attendance each month!

Will you be one of our “Attendance All-Stars” next month?

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