Are there semesters?

Students at SC Whitmore School have the flexibility to complete their coursework in a schedule that works best for them. Since there are no “semesters” students will not get pushed ahead or held back by the pace of the class. That means there are no semester exams nor final exams in your courses.

How is attendance taken?

Attendance is taken through student login and the submission of qualified work. Students are expected to log in at least five days per week (Sunday-Saturday) and submit at least one lesson in each course. As long as you meet the state attendance requirements in a year’s time, your personal school schedule is up to you. Your school counselor will work with you to set a schedule that meets the state requirements, and fits your life.

How does an extended academic year work? Does that mean I have to go to school in the summer?

According to state guidelines, students are expected to advance at least one academic year in a year’s time (earning 6 credits per year). Students are not required to go to school in the summer, unless they have not completed their assigned courses and earned at least six credits in one academic year. Students who would like to get ahead, and potentially graduate early, have the option of working through the summer.

Do you provide a curriculum for children with special needs?

SC Whitmore School has a team of special education teachers that will help tailor the curriculum to meet your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Will there be someone I can speak with if I have a problem?

Yes. Students may write to their teacher and/or their school counselor using the forms in our Learning Management System (LMS). Parents and students may also call the school and speak with an administrator at any time Monday-Friday.

How is my school doing?

Parents can view the school and district report cards on the South Carolina Department of Education website. Information is available for all public schools in SC for the last several years.

What is the school report card?

Just like our students, our school receives a grade each year. Our school receives a report card from both our district and the state of South Carolina. The state report card only measures academic performance, while our district report card, known as the School Performance Framework (SPF), measures three components:
  • Academics
  • Compliance
  • Finance
You may access the most recent district SPF HERE. You may click HERE for a guide, in order to better understand the SPF.
You may access the most recent state report card HERE. You may click HERE for a guide, in order to better understand the state report card.

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