Can I graduate early?

Yes. Most years SC Whitmore School has several students that end up graduating high school early. Since you are able to complete courses at your own pace, including optional work on the weekends and over the summer, students are able to accelerate and complete high school in less than the traditional four years. We call these students our “flyers”, since they fly through high school.

Does SC Whitmore School have a traditional graduation ceremony?

Yes. SC Whitmore School organizes a traditional graduation ceremony each year (in late May) with caps, gowns, a guest speaker, etc. The ceremony is centrally located at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in Columbia, SC. All students and parents are strongly encouraged to attend, in order to help celebrate the success of our graduating students.

How will I get my diploma?

If a student completes their graduation requirements prior to the graduation ceremony, we can send a transcript and letter of completion to colleges. Diplomas will be awarded at graduation.

What type of diploma does SC Whitmore School offer?

SC Whitmore School awards a standard South Carolina diploma, the same that is awarded by all other public high schools across the state.

What are past graduates of SC Whitmore School doing now?

Past graduates of SC Whitmore School have enrolled in two and four year colleges and universities across the country including, but not limited to: The University of South Carolina, Clemson University, Temple University, The College of Charleston, Midlands Technical College, Greenville Technical College, and Francis Marion University. Past graduates of SCWS graduates have also joined the military and/or entered the work force directly after graduation.

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