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Tuition-free. Enroll anytime! Start fresh or pick up where you left off from your previous school. Customize your daily schedule and make room for work, passions, and life. Accelerate and graduate early, or catch up on credits.


Add-on support services tailored to your individual needs. Special Education. Free mental health services. College exploration and admissions portal. No-cost tutoring and Extended school year.


Take the guesswork out of graduation. Choose from 4 customized paths to graduation. Reach your goals for what comes next after high school. College, career, or military, we’ve got you covered!

Is your current school not making the grade?

We’ve helped over


South Carolina students redesign their pathway

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Start College Early

11th/12th graders, get a jumpstart on college, while still in high school. Enroll in our Dual-enrollment program through USC Union, your local college, or earn college credit through our AP courses/exam.

  • Earn college credit through Dual-enrollment courses
  • Earn your Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree
  • Advanced Placement courses in Math, English, & History

Graduate Ahead of Schedule

10th-12th graders, accelerate at your own pace and finish credits early. Graduate a semester or even a year early! Access on-demand curriculum and teaching that fits your schedule. You’re not held back by other students, semesters, or time requirements.

  • Streamlined courses help you master content quickly
  • Pacing Guides, 24/7 access, and No-cost Extended Summer
  • Live tutoring in CORE classes 7-days a week, including nights and weekends

Make Time for Hobbies or a Job

Work towards a traditional 4-year graduation. Make time for extracurricular activities, a job, hobbies, or make space for life’s challenges. Choose from an expanding catalog of college-prep, career-readiness, honors, and electives courses.

  • Complete schoolwork around your part-time or full-time job
  • School goes with you! Across the US or around the world
  • Know exactly what’s due today, so you can focus on other priorities

Catch-up On Missing Credits

Pacing Guides, 24/7 access, and a No-cost Extended Summer Session help you recover lost credits. Open enrollment, no semesters, and the ability to start new classes at any time help you get back on track to a successful graduation.

  • Custom start/end dates help you recover credits quickly
  • Choose from a full complement of Credit-recovery courses
  • No more losing credits. Finish them over the summer, or next school year

Together we achieve Success

Grab our free 3-part email Walkthrough Series to get started redesigning your road to success. Let us introduce you to the SC Whitmore School Advantage and help you reimagine your journey to graduation!

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Taking the Guesswork Out of Graduation

Detailed Analytics & On-Demand Curriculum are just a click away!

SC Whitmore Online School Parent Dashboard

A Typical Student’s Day

A Daily Schedule & Pacing Tailored to You

Every day is an opportunity! Create a daily schedule that fits your lifestyle. Spread work over any 5 days in a week, even on weekends. SCWS Courses incorporate a mastery-based revision cycle, personalized by teachers for your success. Need extra help? Schedule a live tutoring session with your course teacher, or ask our live CORE tutors day and night, even on the weekend.

Choose a Graduation Pathway

Click & explore what your average day might look like

EXPLORE > College Headstart: Start earning college credits now.

Designed for 11th and 12th-graders. Enroll in your local college or work towards your Associate’s Degree from the University of South Carolina – Union online Campus.

  • Ease into college with 2 courses, or accelerate to an Associate’s Degree by taking 4 online college courses each semester.
  • Finish up your other Electives from a growing catalog of SC Whitmore courses.
  • Split your online school day between college and high school.
  • Work with college admissions and your SCWS School Counselor to design a schedule that helps you start your next step, today!
  • OR, dip your toes into college-level courses with our growing catalog of Advanced Placement courses taught by SCWS teachers.

Perfect for the dedicated, accelerated student with a 3.0 or higher GPA. You can expect to spend between 6-8 hours on academic work each day, depending on which college track you choose to customize.

EXPLORE > Accelerated Graduation: Graduate from high school early.

Customize your schedule and time to take extra classes, finish classes early, or use our no-cost Summer Session to help you accelerate towards graduation. You can finish high school a semester or even a year early!

  • Choose from an expanding catalog of college-prep, career-readiness, or honors classes.
  • Open-progress courses allow you to accelerate at your own pace.
  • Pacing tools and Assignment Calendars help you know exactly what’s due each day to help you reach your early finish date for courses.
  • Your Career & College Exploration Portal will help you get a jump start on planning your next steps after high school.
  • Graduate a semester or a full year early!

Perfect for the dedicated, hard-working student. You can expect to spend between 6-8 hours on academic work each day, depending on how early you want to graduate.

EXPLORE > Traditional Online: Balance high school, passions, and life.

Not in a hurry to rush through high school? Want time for extracurricular activities, hobbies, and life outside of school? Our Traditional pathway to graduation helps you balance time in class with a job, hobbies, sports, or even personal family challenges.

  • The SC Whitmore Advantage optimizes your academic schedule for required credits.
  • Assignment pacing tools help you know exactly what’s due each day. How you spend the rest of your day is up to you.
  • Join an SCWS-sponsored club, e-sport team, or leadership role and grow your skills and network of friends.
  • Provides the needed time each day for live tutoring, revising work to improve your grades, and helping you grow your reading, writing, and math skills.
  • Fit school into your life. Not the other way around.

A great pathway for the active student. You can expect to spend between 5-7 hours each day on academic work, depending on your use of support services.

EXPLORE > Credit Catch-up: Get back on track to graduation.

Recover lost credits and get back on pace towards graduation. Open enrollment allows you to start at any time in the school year. No more wasting time waiting for the next semester to start. Start today!

  • A full complement of credit-recovery courses designed to help you quickly earn credit for previously failed CORE courses.
  • Use our no-cost Summer Session to catch up on required credits needed for graduation.
  • Assignment pacing tools help you know exactly what’s due each day. You can even finish courses early and get started in a new class the very next day!
  • Access courses and extra support on your schedule. Get the support you need with live tutoring in CORE classes 7-days a week, including nights and weekends.
  • Finish classes and earn credits at any time. Then, start new classes anytime during the school year to catch up on missing credits.

A must-have pathway for any student lagging in credits. You can expect to spend between 6-8 hours on academic work each day, depending on how fast and how many credits you’re trying to recover.

Need Extra help? Want more?

At SC Whitmore School, we’ve got a dedicated team of SC-certified teachers, school counselors, academic coaches, and support staff who pride themselves on helping you meet the challenges of high school and life’s demands.


Career and college exploration Portal. Match careers with your passions. Explore colleges. Tools to help you manage college admissions.


Get Involved Activities, E-sports and NCAA approved curriculum. Join clubs and honor societies to help grow your leadership.


Tools to help you maintain body/mind health. Soft skills and life strategies modules. No-cost, professional virtual counseling. Live groups.

What some of our past graduates said

Don't take our word, hear from our students

I was going to have to miss a lot of school and was going to have to retake a lot of classes. With SC Whitmore, I’m now graduating a year early and going into college with 6 credits. I would definitely recommend SC Whitmore. Students get to work at their pace and the teachers and counselors will always be there to help them.

Alivia Ayers College Headstart and Early Graduate

SC Whitmore was the right school for me because it let me work when I wanted to and I was able to finish school really fast. I was able to get a job earlier, and graduating a whole year early so I’m ahead with my future goals. I’ll be spending my time at Central for 2 years in nurse programs because I want to be a Nurse Practitioner.

Shikuro Messinides Early Graduate with time for a job.

SC Whitmore School gave me more time to have with my family, friends, and my girlfriend. The hours were more flexible. I can travel and take my work with me and still get things done. I would recommend SC Whitmore to anyone, but be prepared to work and have everything in order, because they [our caring teachers and staff] are going to stay on you!

Tre'von Wilson Traditional graduate. Attends Allen U.

I was coming out of public school with very bad grades. I think I had a 2.5 GPA when I enrolled at SC Whitmore. At SCWS my grades went from C’s and D’s to high A’s and B’s. Basically, I can work on my schedule. I can get up late, get some of my school work done. Go have some fun with my buddies and then come back later in the day and finish my work.

William Meetze Recovered lost credits to graduate on-time.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the cost of attending SC Whitmore School?

SC Whitmore School is a public charter school in the South Carolina Public Charter School District. As a public school, we are a tuition-free, no-cost school of choice.

Is this a private school? Is this considered homeschooling?

No (to both). SC Whitmore School is an online public charter school, making us a school of choice for any student living in South Carolina. We are proudly a part of the South Carolina Public Charter School District. By attending SC Whitmore School, you’ll work with highly-qualified, SC-certified teachers, school counselors, and support staff dedicated to helping you earn your public high school diploma.

When can I enroll?

SC Whitmore School has a flexible academic calendar, with open enrollment periods, allowing you to enroll any time of the school year and get started right away on courses. As a public charter school, we may reach an enrollment capacity point during the year. At this point, a waitlist is enacted and you would be placed in line with other students and enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis, as soon as seats become available.

Do you provide a curriculum for students with special needs?

SC Whitmore School has a team of dedicated SC-certified teachers who can help tailor assignments, curriculum requirements, and pacing to meet your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Our SC-certified special education teachers provide curriculum support, life-skills training, and work one-on-one to help you reach your individual academic and life goals.

What type of diploma does SC Whitmore School offer?

SC Whitmore School awards a standard South Carolina diploma, the same that is awarded by all other public high schools across the state.

How does SC Whitmore School help me meet State attendance requirements?

Our online course system and Student/Parent Dashboard take the guesswork out of attendance. Courses log both student active working time and assignments completed in each course, each day. Need to miss a day during the week? No problem. Students are required to submit work in each class 5-days each week, but work submitted over the weekend will make up attendance missed earlier during that week.

Your Student/Parent Dashboard shows you a snapshot view of attendance each week, with access to a more detailed calendar-view that allows you to see exactly how much time you spend in classes each day and the assignments completed.

Technology Requirements. Do you offer free computers?

Computers and devices are a personal choice and often an expression of personality, so we allow students to use their own computers for coursework and assignments. All students are required to have a desktop or laptop computer as their primary device for viewing lessons and completing assignments.

  • A computer less than 3-4 years old is recommended and can be a PC, Mac, or Google Chromebook.
  • SC Whitmore School is a Google Educational Workplace, so students will have access to free productivity tools and assignment creation tools through their SCWS-issued Google account.
  • Students may find the use of tablets or smartphones can be used to assist in coursework, but some functionality of courses and assignment tools may not be available.
  • At this time, technical support for courses is only provided for desktop and laptop computers.

Together we Achieve

Grab our free 3-part email Walkthrough Series to get started redesigning your road to success. Let us introduce you to the SC Whitmore School Advantage and help you reimagine your journey to graduation!

Get My Graduation Path Walkthrough

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3 Emails. No hassle, simply information. After that, you can contact us when you’re ready to enroll.

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