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SC Whitmore Named Best Charter School in the Irmo Chapin Life for the Second year in a row

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Columbia, SC Whitmore School (SCWS), a virtual public high school and member school of the SC Public Charter School District, was named the 2023 Best Charter School by the Irmo Chapin Life for the second consecutive year. Irmo Chapin Life Magazine started in 2018, to share community news. The magazine distributes 28,000 copies bi-monthly in the community with more than 60,000 readers a month.

SCWS was founded in 2011, in order to support at-risk youth and to provide a high-quality online public educational option to students across South Carolina. Over that period of time, more than 900 students have graduated from SCWS, while being fully prepared for both college and career and 18 students have received the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship since 2011. Most recently the class of 2021 earned more than $750,000 in scholarships and 76% of the class of 2021 earned a 3.0 or higher for their academic work at SC Whitmore School.

Graduates have credited their academic success to SC Whitmore’s innovative approach to education. SC Whitmore School provides a personalized curriculum and online learning platform, which allows students to accelerate in courses they are strong in, while also taking the time they need to catch up in other courses. SCWS allows all students the opportunity to thrive, with the support and guidance of highly qualified, trained, and certified professional educators.

Executive Director Kim Dunbar said, “We are honored to be named Best Charter School in the Irmo Chapin Life for the second year in a row. It is great feedback from the community to recognize we have created an environment to serve all students in the state of South Carolina, regardless of their background or future plans. Thank you to all who voted and who continue to show their support of SCWS.”

The SCWS Principal, Ebone’ Adams, is very proud of the school’s accomplishments.

“We want our students to have a positive and authentic educational experience,” said Adams. “We do everything in our power to make sure this happens. It is important for us to build a foundation that allows our students to be successful, self-sufficient individuals beyond high school.”

As SCWS continues to grow and is known as an established virtual school in South Carolina, the school continues to see a positive impact on students in communities across our state.

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