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SC Whitmore School Celebrates Banner 2016

December 19, 2016

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Columbia, SC – SC Whitmore School, a tuition-free virtual public charter school based in Columbia, enjoyed the most successful year of their five-year history in 2016, said SCWS Principal John Loveday. The rapidly-growing school saw its enrollment hit a record high, graduation rates break records and SAT scores improve more than any public school in the state.

“The year 2016 was a phenomenal year for our school, to say the least,” said SCWS principal John Loveday. “Our students are performing at a high level and our school is growing at levels never seen before in our five year history. Our school’s success is a testament to our world-class teachers and staff and the burgeoning interest in virtual education. I am so excited to be a part of SCWS and I look forward to building off this success in 2017.”

SCWS 2016 Highlights:

April, 2016: SCWS Honored at State House on its 5th Anniversary.

May, 2016: Record Number Graduates from SCWS.

August, 2016: Former SC Superintendent of Education Gives Keynote at SCWS Ribbon-Cutting and Open House for New Facility in Columbia.

September, 2016: SCWS SAT Scores Most Improved in State.

October, 2016: SCWS Announces Largest Enrollment in School History.

October, 2016: SCWS Invited to Present at National Conference.

SCWS is a tuition-free virtual public charter school offering academic opportunities to students across South Carolina. Students are granted a unique level of academic flexibility and independence. In exchange each student must develop effective like skills and take responsibly for their own education.

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