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SC Whitmore School Debuts New Student Designed Mascot

September 12, 2016

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SC Whitmore School Debuts New Student Designed Mascot

Columbia, SC – Virtual public charter school, SC Whitmore School, debuted a new mascot today.

Built around the school’s signature “W,” Eli – a blue elephant – is the creation of SCWS 12th grader, Sydney Kinard.

Kinard is from Elgin, South Carolina. She designed the image of Eli on her home computer and sent her idea to SCWS Principal, John Loveday. Kinard’s choice of an elephant was inspired by her experiences at SCWS.

“I came up with the idea of the elephant because the elephant is a majestic creature that is sometimes under appreciated, much like virtual schools. ‘Eli the elephant’ not only represents our school, but also each student.” Kinard said.

Inspired by her time at SCWS, Kinard decided she wanted to give back to her school. In her letter to Principal Loveday she wrote, “Another thing that I love about SCWS is that our teachers and the administrative staff know who you are. When I enrolled in SCWS my teachers, school counselor, and administrative staff knew my name. When I was published in CARE Magazine SCWS didn’t just congratulate me, but rather framed the article, the cover of the magazine, and my picture and displayed it in their school building. The staff at SCWS actually care about you and how you are doing, both in and out of school.”

Principal Loveday says SCWS has big plans for Eli. SC Whitmore School is debuting Eli the Elephant today and will feature the new mascot on forthcoming apparel and signage.

“This is such an exciting time for our school and we are impressed with Sydney’s design,” Principal Loveday said. “Eli the Elephant embodies the spirit and remarkable nature of our students and I am so proud of Sydney and her creation.”

Founded in 2011, SCWS is a free virtual public charter school that offers a high quality flexible academic environment for students who are not a good fit at their local brick and mortar high school. For more information visit

SCWS Elephant Masot
Eli the Elephant
SCWS Student Sydney Kinard
Sydney Kinard

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