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SC Whitmore School Graduate stars in more than four movies

Alumni Spotlight

Columbia, SC – Haley Idol, a recent graduate of SC Whitmore School (SCWS), a statewide online public charter high school, has seen her dream career come to the big screen. As an actress Haley is known for starring in: A Country Homecoming, Stone Family Inn, Faith, Hope & Grace, and The Bermuda Triangle Project.

“SCWS has made school easy for anyone to pursue their dream,” said Haley Idol. “I am now constantly on the go back in forth here and there. I could be in LA one day and South Carolina the next. With SC Whitmore, they have made the impossible very possible.”

At the young age of three Haley started to show her love for the stage. That is when Haley started working on and off with acting, but her mother Rachel Idol, wanted to make sure Haley had a normal childhood also.

“When she turned 16, she made it known she was ready,” said Rachel Idol. “So we dug in hard to move with her dream. She competed in January of 2022 at International Modeling and Talent Association where they look for the next big star. We went and auditioned for seven days. She ended up walking away from that as first runner-up for Teen Actor of the Year. We came home and that was when the contracts started rolling in. She had seven different offers from agencies from New York City to Los Angeles wanting Haley to sign with them.” 

Haley appreciated the flexibility that SC Whitmore School allowed her in high school.

“I can take my laptop everywhere I go so when I have downtime on set, I can work on my assignments, said Haley Idol. “When you have a long plane ride and you are so bored I can be proactive in my studies and stay ahead, due to that I am graduating early. If it wasn’t for the school my dreams would have been delayed and I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you SC Whitmore. I will never forget you.”

Haley is currently signed with American Talent Management based out of Los Angeles. 

“Haley has always had a focused mindset, said Rachel Idol, mother of Haley Idol. “When she sees something she wants she goes for it. With SC Whitmore, the flexibility is amazing. If Haley is busy at a shoot or filming on set in the early day she has plenty of time to submit assignments. This makes anything workable.”

SC Whitmore School Principal, Eboné Adams said, “Haley has been able to effortlessly juggle the demands of school while pursuing her dream. Her ability to seamlessly transition from the spotlight to focusing on schoolwork speaks her to high level of commitment to both her education and passion for acting. We are so proud of Haley and we are excited to see her continuously flourish in her acting career.”

Haley is set to attend Presbyterian College (PC) in the fall on campus but if she keeps booking roles like she is then she may complete college online at PC to meet her needs. 

SC Whitmore School Executive Director, Kim Dunbar said, “We are so happy that SC Whitmore School’s flexibility allows our students to pursue their dreams while getting a high quality education. Haley is not only talented in acting but in her academics as well. She is a great example and role model for students so they realize they truly can accomplish anything they set their minds to. We are so proud of Haley and all of her hard work.”

To learn more about the movies Haley Idol will be starring in visit this website.

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