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SC Whitmore School Student becomes a published author

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Columbia, SC – Jamaly Melendez Moreno, a junior at SC Whitmore School (SCWS), a statewide online public charter high school, has become a published author with her mother Sonia Melendez Moreno after sharing their story.

The book is called, The Girl With the “Café au Lait” Spots. The book is from the perspective of Jamaly and Sonia Melendez Moreno. They share about Neurofibromatosis. The goal of the book is to help educate the community about Neurofibromatosis. 

SC Whitmore School has been a good fit for Jamaly because of the flexibility it allows for students.

“We chose SC Whitmore School because it gave Jamaly an opportunity to be successful regardless of her health problems and learning difficulties related to her condition (neurofibromatosis),” said Sonia Melendez Moreno, mother of Jamaly.

In 2023, Jamaly and her mother sat down together and wrote the book, The Girl With the “Café au Lait” Spots which shares about Jamaly’s condition.

“We wrote a little about her journey with her condition, we talked about society understanding how being different does not make it impossible for you to progress in life. Understanding a condition can help you feel connected to the person,” said Sonia Melendez Moreno, mother of Jamaly.

Jamaly’s Special Education Teacher, Victoria Xavier said, “Jamaly is always consistent. She would do whatever she could sincerely and consistently. She was never afraid to work hard. No matter how many times I ask her to do the same reading task she never gets frustrated. She perseveres. I truly admire her.”

SC Whitmore School Principal, Eboné Adams said, “Jamaly is such an awesome student. Her dedication and perseverance does not go unnoticed as she has been recognized by her teachers on many occasions for her hard work and kindness. We commend Jamaly’s accomplishments and look forward to more achievements in the future.”

Jamaly Melendez Moreno plans to graduate from SC Whitmore School in 2025 and pursue a nursing career.

“You can do it and nothing can stop you from achieving your own dreams,” said Jamaly.

SC Whitmore School Executive Director, Kim Dunbar said, “Jamaly is such a pleasure to be around. Her ability to work hard and attain her goals has been very special to watch. She was most recently crowned in SCWS’s Royalty Court at Prom and watching her shine in that moment was priceless. I’m so excited to see all that Jamaly will accomplish and am thankful she is a part of the SCWS family.”

Jamaly, we are very proud of your accomplishments! We look forward to your future success!

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