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Victoria Xavier

Special Education Teacher

My name is Petcy Victoria Xavier. I teach Special Education, electives, and Math courses. I attended college in India. I taught high school in India for six years and then worked another six years here in another SC school district in traditional brick and mortar schools before coming to SC Whitmore School. I strongly believe that every single person is gifted with one or more capabilities. I also believe that by speaking positive words to students a teacher has the potential to make the student identify his/her individual talent.

My family is a small family of three. My husband and I have a son that is in eighth grade. Listening to Christian teachings on YouTube, visiting friends and spending time with them in person are my hobbies. I spend a lot of time on the phone with my family in India. One thing I love to do a lot is to hear our son explaining all that happened in his school every day.

SC Whitmore School is one of my greatest blessings. Every single employee is handpicked and each one of them takes effort to be student driven. What I like most in SC Whitmore is team playing with a single motive of serving the student community.

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