Traylor Disbrow

School Counselor

I was born in Columbia, SC. My wife and I have been married for six years. Before coming to SC Whitmore School I taught English in Korea for four years. While teaching abroad we welcomed our daughter, Chloe, into the world. I’m somewhat eclectic with my hobby choices. I like outdoorsy things like hiking and kayaking. I enjoy reading and audiobooks. I enjoy working out. I’m quite the podcast nerd, and I also enjoy photography.

Working in Korea has taught me that a child’s culture tends to dictate his or her story. Children whose support structure sets high expectations tend to perform at a “high level.” Children with little to no support structure with low expectations tend to perform at that level as well.

As a school counselor at SC Whitmore School I am glad to be a part of that puzzle that supports students where they are and how they come. A puzzle, when complete, sets expectations high and strives for the best for each and every student.

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