What is offered outside the classroom?

Students at SC Whitmore School participate in a variety of extracurricular activities including:

ArtMore E-zine

Named by an SCWS student, ArtMore is a digital literary and art magazine where students can showcase their work with their peers. This virtual e-zine is produced twice a year, and features items such as original poetry, short stories, photography, multi-media art and more. Click the button below our student’s talent for yourself!

ArtMore Fall 2019

Beta Club

Beta Club is a group of students committed to leading through serving others in their community and state. These students are selected based upon their GPA, attendance and behavior. Students work to complete volunteer hours, as well as come together as a team to complete a service project.

Blue Diamond

The Blue Diamond Society is an honor society at SC Whitmore School for outstanding seniors who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and exemplified worthy character. The Blue Diamond Society members may be eligible to receive a merit scholarship upon, completion of their high school graduation requirements. In order to become eligible for the scholarship, the student must attend a 2-year or 4-year college/university or a career advancing training program.

Coding Club

if youAreInterestedIn == “Learning a computer language.”
print “Come to coding club.”
elsif youAreInterestedIn == “Sharing a software or hardware project you are working on.”
print “Come to coding club.”
elsif youAreInterestedIn == “Learning about the language this part of the description is written in.”
print “Come to coding club.”

curiousabout = {‘Ruby’ => ‘ComeToCodingClub’, ‘Python’ => ‘ComeToCodingClub’, ‘C++’ => ‘ComeToCodingClub’, ‘BASIC’ => ‘ComeToCodingClub’, ‘JavaScript’ => ‘ComeToCodingClub’, ‘other’ => ‘ComeToCodingClub’}

reasons_for_not_coming_to_coding_club = nil

National Society for High School Scholars

The National Society of High School Scholars recognizes the academic achievement of students to inspire leadership. Membership allows students to be eligible for scholarships, leadership development programs, study abroad opportunities, events connecting students with college admission officers, and access to internship and employment opportunities. This society assists students in successfully transitioning from high school, to college, to young professionals.


The SCWS photography club works to improve students’ photography skills beyond point and shoot. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month and look at the pictures that the students took that month. We also explore a photography topic that interests the members of the club. Students get the opportunity to share their photographs with other members and learn how make their photographs better.

Service Learning

Service Learning is a course that students can take if they would like to earn credit, while assisting their communities. This course will add up to one elective credit towards their South Carolina high school diploma.

Yearbook Club

The SC Whitmore School yearbook club allows members to be creative and report on each school year’s major events, achievements and fun activities. The yearbook covers who the students are at SCWS and all of the activities students participate in during the school year.  The Yearbook Club allows students to document their important years in high school, while sharing those memories with their fellow students.

What about sports?

Students are eligible to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities at their local high school.  Contact your local high school for more information.

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